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An Englishman in New Jersey

The online journal of writer Jon Gibbs

Jon Gibbs
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  • Jon Gibbs
  • jongibbs@livejournal.com
Born in England, Jon Gibbs now lives in America, where he lectures on Creative Writing at the Georgian Court University, in Lakewood, NJ.
His humorous talk, GETTING PUBLISHED: 10 Things Every Writer Should Know, was broadcast on local television in 2012.

Jon is the founder of The New Jersey Authors’ Network (http://www.njauthorsnetwork.com) and FindAWritingGroup.com. His middle grade fantasy, Fur-Face (Echelon Press), was nominated for a Crystal Kite Award. The sequel, Barnum’s Revenge (also from Echelon Press), came out in March, 2013.
When he's not chasing around after his three children, Jon can usually be found hunched over the computer in his basement office. One day he hopes to figure out how to switch it on.

Website: http://www.acatofninetales.com; Blog: http://jongibbs.livejournal.com; Upcoming events: http://bitly.com/Jontalks

creative writing, fiction, firefly, fur-face, gssw, middle-grade fiction, monmouth writers, njan, njauthorsnetwork, puddles, scbwi, urban fantasy