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Write Stuff Conference - 2009

Off to Pennsylvania for the 2009 Write Stuff conference this Friday.  I went last year, made a bunch of new friends, learned a lot, and had a great time.  If this year's is half as good, I'll consider it a worthwhile investment. 

I've signed up for the in-depth, pre-conference workshop, 'It's Alive!', with Lee Upton.  Later that evening, I'm down for 'Page Cuts' again, where an agent, author and editor will review (as in tear apart) the first page of participants' novels.  Who wrote each page is supposed to be a secret, but as I've said before, if you want to know the author, simply follow the sound of sobbing during the critique (though I promised myself I'll manage to keep it together this year) .

Aside from Karen Blomain's 'Ah! Where to begin' workshop on Saturday morning,  I haven't decided which sessions to attend, though I like the sound of David Lubar's 'To err is Human, to revise divine'. 

At some point during the proceedings I have an appointment with Karen Syed, an editor from Echelon Press.  I hope to impress her with my pitch for my 60,000 YA (possibly MG) Urban Fantasy, Fur-Face.

As for my short fiction, I've had a few rejection letters so far this year, all pleasantly worded, but no acceptances.  Still, it's early days.  At present I have four stories up for submission. 
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