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Coming soon: Exclusive tell-all interview with a real character

I can't give away too many details at present, but after a series of clandestine meetings with the press office at , I can confirm the rumors that a certain goblin - who for the moment I shall refer to by his (or her) codename, 'Jug' - has agreed to give a tell-all interview, in which he (or she) promises to spill the beans about what it's really like to work for a certain author, and how he (or she) played a much larger role in the writing of a certain trilogy: Gublin Quest, Gublin Hero & Gublin War [titles changed in order to keep the real identity of the informant a secret for now].

I can't reveal the author's identity yet, so I'll just have to refer to him (or her) by the clever codename we came up with: Jum C. Hunes.

I apologize for having to hide the true identies and book titles beneath cunningly disguised names, but I'm sure you'll agree that at this delicate stage of the negotiations, if the author in question was to get the slightest inkling of what Jug and the folks at are planning, all manner of lawsuits and cake throwing would ensue.

Still, knowing how danged clever you folks are, it's possible some of you may eventually decipher our crack cryptologists' creative...stuff, and may well have a question you'd like to ask Jug.  If that's the case, please let me know and I'll pass it on to our intrepid interview team.

In the meantime, here's the cover art for some books by a totally different author to throw you off the scent.





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