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Now, where did I put that grindstone?

I feel I've learned so much about writing over the last few years, but somehow, the more I learn, the more I realise I still don't know.  

I started writing back in 2003, but only for fun.  After moving to the States in 2004, I decided I wanted more than just a hobby.  I wanted to write for a living, although, aside from an article on writing groups that was published in a local magazine back in January, I haven't achieved anything.  But in 2009, I'm making much more of an effort . 

I've promised myself that this year, I'll make things happen.  I write mostly novels (as of December 2008, I'd completed four first-drafts of novels, but only three short stories).  This year, I set a goal to write at least one new short story (even if it's just  a 100-word drabble), in the first half of each month, and pitch it to an editor that same month.

As of today, I have four stories out there.  I also have an editor appointment booked at the Write Stuff Conference in a couple of weeks, when I can pitch my first novel, Fur-Face, and as soon as the final draft is done, I have an agent whose asked to read the full ms of Waking up Jack Thunder.

I may not find an agent or get published this year, but it won't be for lack of effort on my part. 
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