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Rainy days, Puddles and dopplegangers

Yesterday's GSHW meeting went very well.  Our guest, Ty Drago (author of the upcoming MG novel, The Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses (Jabberwocky, Spring 2011) and owner of Allegory e-zine) was informative and entertaining.  Despite the terrible weather, a good number of people turned out to hear his talk.

I made some new friends, which is always fun, and got to meet the delightful abennettstrong for the first time, which was great.

The journey home after the post meeting nosh (and subsequent critique session) was awful, but the meeting was worth it.

Puddle update.
If you haven't already entered, there's still time to throw your two best short story and/or flash fiction titles into the ring for a chance to win one of this year's Meager Puddle of Light Awards for Best title
 If you'd like to take part, please enter by 11:59 on Tuesday, March 16th.

"Okay, so I get the rainy days and Puddles reference, but why's 'dopplegangers' in the title?" I hear you ask.

Well, I'll tell you.  I've found another blogger who calls his journal 'An Englishman in New Jersey'.

"Who is this upstart?" you wonder. 

His name is Graham GudginHis journal is over at, and don't be so mean, he's a perfectly nice fellow.  He started his journal a few weeks after I started mine.  After recovering from the shock of discovering there were two English chaps living in the same state (what are the odds of that happening )  we've emailed back and forth a few times.  His journal is mostly about things back home in jolly old England, so if you've a mind to find out more about life across the pond, Graham's blog is a great place to start.

That's it from me, now I have to figure out what to do about the tree which got blown over in our front yard yesterday.

How about you?

How's your weekend going?

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