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TV on DVD: How much is too much?


I consider myself a generous man, but I hate to pay out more for something than I think it’s worth, especially if I feel I’m being taken advantage of.

That’s why I’d rather spend several hours shoveling the drive myself than pay the $130+ dollars my neighbor shells out to have someone with one of those giant snow-plough thingies attached to the front of a truck do the job in five minutes. It’s also why I don’t possess DVD recordings of some of my favorite television shows, like the various Star Trek incarnations or Doctor Who.

Much as I enjoyed them, the DVD prices are significantly higher than those of other shows made around the same time. I’ve no doubt they sell plenty of copies, otherwise the price would be lower, but to me it just doesn’t seem right.  I feel like it's assumed that I'll pay the extra because I'm a fan, and so I make do with watching re-runs on the telly when I can.

Up until recently, I’d have included another sci-fi favorite, Farscape, on my list of over-priced DVDS, but the other week I came across the complete series (four seasons) at at a discounted price of $59.98 (RRP $149.95) - for the record, they also have the individual seasons available for $19.98 each. 
**  ETA: Sadly, as of about 1:30pm on Tuesday, Feb 23rd, [info]cloudscudding reports the price for the Farscape DVDs has gone up $92.97.  If you're a Farscape fan, I recommend adding the above address to your favorites.  Sooner or later, the price will come down again.

I’ve been shopping at this site since we moved to the US in ’04. I’d happily recommend them to anyone. If you don’t mind waiting a couple of weeks, there are no shipping/handling costs and delivery is free.

Senior Management and I are thoroughly enjoying watching Farscape again and my teenage son, who’d never seen the show before, is now a big fan. Now I’m waiting for similar prices for Star Trek and Doctor Who, though I’m not holding my breath.

How about you?

When it comes to buying your favorite TV shows on DVD, how much is too much?



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