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If you didn’t write…

Back in ’03, before I left England for a new life in New Jersey, I used to write songs. For the previous fifteen years, I’d been lead singer and played keyboards in a rock band, Gentleman Jones. 

Unless you count the tongue-in-cheek interviews I made up for the group’s (now woefully out of date) website,, song lyrics were the nearest I came to writing fiction.  

We were working on our third (self-produced) album, Veni Vidi Capitulati, when Senior Management and I decided to move to America, otherwise I daresay I’d still be coming up with new guitar riffs, jotting down lyrics and generally yodeling down a microphone on a regular basis.

If there’s one thing writers have in common, it’s that we all choose to put words on paper instead of doing something else.

For me, if I didn’t spend time on writing and writing-related things, I’d be doing something music-related.

How about you?

If you didn’t write, what would you choose to do?

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