Jon Gibbs (jongibbs) wrote,
Jon Gibbs

  • Mood: FAWG community on Live Journal

After shovelling at least half a yard of snow this morning (I'll shovel the rest of the yard tomorrow), I set up a
FAWG community on Live Journal to go with the website and blog

I figure it'll be somewhere for all writers, including those who don't normally frequent Live Journal, to hang out.

I chose LJ because the comment format here makes it easier to follow conversational threads.  

All community members can post entries but please, only make writing-related posts or comments, and no swearing - delicate flowers like myself get easily embarrassed.

It's okay to pimp your latest success, or your own blog posts (in fact, I encourage it, so long as it's writing-related), but please bear in mind that, from a self-promotional point of view, you'll get more interest if you actually make an effort to engage with other members by commenting on other posts.

I hope you'll consider joining.



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