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What’s your take on Twitter?

I created a Twitter account last year – I wanted to ensure I had the one for ‘JonGibbs’ if and when I needed it.

Although I haven’t yet tweeted or followed anyone [until today, that is], I can see its usefulness. The 140-character per message limit makes for short, sharp newsflashes, perfect for those ‘Just updated my blog/website’; ‘Heard the news?’; ‘Saw this great post. Here’s the link:’ kind of notices.

 From what I can tell, you follow other folks (thereby receiving all their tweets), and hopefully they follow you back – a bit like the friending system on Live Journal. If you want to, you can even sift out the ‘Just ate my bagel’ crowd from the more interesting tweeters by way of

Personally, I still haven’t decided if the benefits outweigh the effort involved. Creating the account is one thing, but keeping up with everyone’s tweets seems like a lot of additional work, but then again, I may be misunderstanding what’s expected of you on Twitter eg: Are you supposed to respond to other folk’s tweets or is it acceptable to ignore them?

With that in mind, I thought I’d conduct a little poll on the subject:

Poll #1522130 Twitter

Please pick the sentence which best describes your use of Twitter:

I make tweet announcements at least a few times every week.
I tweet every now and then, but usually in response to others.
I never tweet, but I follow a bunch of people.
I have an account but never use it.
I don’t have an account.

For those who do have an account, what difference has Twitter made to the amount of traffic you get at your blog/website?

It’s made a big difference.
It’s made little or no difference.
I don’t know.

For those who don’t have (or don’t use) a Twitter account, please pick the sentence which best describes why that’s the case:

I can’t see the point of Twitter.
It's of no use to me at present.
I’m happy with just using my blog/website.
I have/used to have an account, but I stopped using it (feel free to elaborate in the comments below).

Thanks in advance for taking part. 

If you have any opinions about Twitter (especially on how you think it should be used), I’d love to hear them.

ETA:  Feel free to share your Twitter name in a comment for others to follow if they wish. 

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