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Wanna help me build a “Wall of Wisdom” page on

I'm going to create a "Wall of Wisdom" page on the website. It’ll look like a stone wall with graffiti on it, but the graffiti will be words of writerly wisdom and encouragement from writers all around the world, and the ‘signatures’ will be linked back to the blog or website of the person who gave the quote.
I’m looking for short, one-sentence advice and/or encouragement for me to put up on the ‘wall’. It can be something general eg: Find out what works best for you and do that or something more specific like You should use adverbs in writing about as often as you use the word 'hemorrhoid’ in day to day conversation.” 
What if I've not been writing long, can I still take part?
Sure, and don’t feel you have to come up with anything amazingly wisdomous. The idea is to provide something useful and/or encouraging.  Whether you've been writing for 30 days or thirty years, you're welcome to take part.
Other folks’ may offer conflicting advice, but that’s okay, like spouses and children, advice should be ignored or embraced at the reader’s discretion. 
What language shall I use?
For the moment, the site is only available in English.  I plan to change that (once I figure out how to set up Google Translator), but for now, anything you send needs to be in English too.  
Do I have to be an LJ member to take part?
If you don’t have an LJ account, anonymous comments are fine. If you’d like your advice/encouragement (and a link to your website/blog) to be added to the Wall of Wisdom page on the FAWG website, please remember to give me: 
A one sentence piece of writing advice for others to read
Please note:
Some advice is generic, which isn’t a problem, but please don’t offer a well-worded tip that you know was made up by someone else (though if you know that person, feel free to recommend they post it here).   
Your writer’s name 
A link to your blog OR website  
The name of the country you’re based in (if it's a big country, like the USA, please tell me the state too). 
I think that’s everything. I look forward to reading some great tips and advice. 
What will you write on the Wall of Wisdom?

ETA: I won't be posting these until near the end of January.  I'll give a day or two's notice beforehand, so if you come up with another quote and would prefer to use that instead of the one you've already given, just put it as a new comment and delete the old one (But don't forget to repeat the link and your state/country).

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