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What's your take on book trailers? - part two

Thank you everyone who took part in last week’s
poll about book trailers last week. It was interesting (and most helpful) to see how you voted on the various questions I asked and to read your opinions.

Looking at the results, I think it’s fair to say that a good book trailer is a powerful promotional tool.

Over 60% of people who voted said they watch them. Assuming people in that first 60% were the only ones who answered ‘Yes’ to the question Have you ever sought out more information about a novel or anthology as a result of seeing a book trailer?’, a whopping 60% of those folks said they’d sought out more information on a book as a result of seeing a trailer for it.

If we accept that a good book trailer is an asset, the next logical question (aside from ‘How do I make one?’ which I plan to cover in a future installment of my series on The Fine Art of Self-Promotion) is


As you might expect, opinions varied, though most voters agreed on the importance of good background music and leaving the viewer with unanswered questions.

Voters also thought it was important that a trailer surprised the viewer in some way. 

When it came to the question of how trailers should made them feel eg; happy; sad; scared etc, most people thought it depended on the type of book being promoted.

It wasn’t a poll question, but in the comments, a lot of people said they found longer trailers boring. They preferred them short – 60-90 second maximum.

Among the comments were links to some sites from where people can obtain images and music for use in their trailers including this one, (thank you brimfire), a site where you can even have your trailer made for you. Places like and offer a wide selection of photos; illustrations; flash; video and audio. Customers select what they want and make a one-time-only, royalty free purchase.

I asked for links to book trailers. Here’s a list of what you provided, along with the names of whoever gave me each link (if I missed one out, please let me know):

Palimpsest Trailer


The Brothers Grossbart on Sin

Soul Fire booktrailer

The Wolfs Mate booktrailer


Leonardo's Shadow


Personal Effects: Dark Art Book Trailer #1

“Grants Pass” - Trailer

"Still Wolf Watching": a SHIVER trailer by Maggie Stiefvater

NZ Book Council – Going West

There are some great videos here. If you’re interested in producing a book trailer at some point in the future, I recommend you watch all of these and as many others as you can.


Douglas Clegg's book trailers
courtesy of

The Compound
courtesy of

The Compound [made by middle school teacher and her class]
courtesy of
[info]latteya A site offering royalty-free music, sound effects etc.
courtesy of [info]aprilhenry

If you have any other book trailer links, or know of other online resources that provide royalty-free music/audio/images etc. Please let me know and I’ll add them above.

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