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As the noughties come to an end…

The decade of the noughties is almost behind us. As we usher in the teenies, I find myself thinking about how much my life and the lives of those closest to me will change over the next ten years. 
Senior Management has worked so hard for the family.  I’m determined to make a success of myself, so that she can give up work.
My teenage boy, already more grown up than me in so many ways, will become a man. I’ve no doubt he will excel in whichever field he chooses.   Come 2020, he may be married.  Who knows? I may even be a grandad, though if you’re reading this, son, I’d rather you waited.
Then of course, I think of my beautiful daughters. They’ve already come so far since the curse of autism stole them from us. They know us now. They know our names – at least most of the time – and thank the Lord, they’re happy.   By the end of this next decade, they’ll be in their mid-twenties.  What will become of them? How much more of them can we get back?
All around the world, as these last hours of 2009 slip away, billions of people will contemplate their New Year resolutions. Some plan to quit smoking, or drinking, or get themselves fit. Many will decide to change how they treat other people, or how they treat themselves.
I have just one resolve, and it’s not for the year, it’s for the decade.  
I aim to carve out a career in writing, and I will succeed.  
How about you?
What’s your plan for the next ten years?


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