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A year in blogging (sort of)

Knowing how many visitors you get, and which page they enter your blog through, is a great way to keep track of your journal’s readership. It’s also useful to know which posts are more popular than others – something you can’t always tell from the number of comments – so that you can plan your posts accordingly.   I use Sitemeter to tell me this information. 
I went through my records to pick out the journal entries which received the most number of direct visitors in each month of 2009.  Here they are in reverse month order:   
The Meager Puddle of Light Awards: Best Opening Line – And the nominations are…
Posted on December 2nd 2009, the final vote to select the Puddle winner for Best Opening Line was the second highest ranked page on my journal this year. 
What would lower your opinion of a fellow blogger?
Posted on November 18th, as part of my research for The Fine Art of Self-Promotion series, this poll was my most visited page of 2009. 
Guest blog by writer and two-time Puddle winner, Barbara A. Barnett
Posted on October 29th, babarnett ’s guest post ‘How Being a Theater Geek Has Improved My Writing’ was a big hit. 
Why writers should leave Dan Brown alone 
I don’t often vent online, but the spiteful mockery of Dan Brown got me upset enough to post this on September 26th. Maybe I should get cranky more often. 
“You keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” 
Posted on August 19th, this was the first time my comment count hit the 100 mark 
The Critiquee’s Charter 
Inspired by an entry on amy34 ’s journal, this July 22nd post, advising people on how to behave while listening to a critique, is one of my personal favorites of the year.  
Ask not what your writing group can do for you…   
On June 25th, after reading about j_cheney ’s bad experience at an RWA meeting, I posted this tip list for people in writing groups. It also marks one of my old gran’s first appearances here on my journal. 
Ten important truths every writer should know. 
I was worried I might come off as big-headed when I posted this list on May 28th, hence the disclaimer at the bottom of the post.
I only started using Sitemeter in May, so I have no way of telling which posts got the most direct visits in the first four months of the year, but if you’re interested, here’s a link to my first ever entry (on January 11), Welcome to the journal - it gets worse here everyday (so do the puns).   It’s notable only for the fact that my friend from the Garden State Horror Writers, dqg_neal, took the time to add my very first comment on LJ – for which I’m extremely grateful. 
How about you?
What were your most visited blog posts of 2009? 

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