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Audio books

I started listening to audio books a few months ago, after a friend of mine wrote an article in The New Jersey Graveline (the Garden State Horror Writers' newsletter), talking them up.  I'm currently listening to Bernard Cornwell's The Last Kingdom, a historical fiction set in 9th century England (time of King Alfred).  I've always enjoyed his Napoleonic era, Sharpe, books, so I thought I'd give it a try.

I listen to it while on the running machine down in the basement - my breathless wheezing provides a fitting soundtrack to the chase scenes.  It's a great book so far, though from a writer's point of view it  has too much passive tense and could stand to lose a few thousand adverbs. 

Then again, I doubt Mr. Cornwell cares what I think, and why should he? 

The best thing about audio books in general is the amount of time they save me.  It does take a while to get used to someone else reading, but the only real downside is the price.  However, over the last few years, even that's dropped to something on or near par with the printed versions (which is still a rip-off, since it costs far less to produce a cd, than it does a book).  Nevertheless, color me converted.
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