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May I Have The Envelope Please?

With apologies for the delay, I can now confirm that the 2009, Meager Puddle of Limelight Award for Best Opening Line goes to…


E. F. Watkins


Here’s a list of the ten finalists in descending order (In the case of a tie, I used the qualifying votes to decide which came higher).


1: Without meaning to, Camilla Torres had picked a good place to die.
E F Watkins

2: Every morning I ask myself the same question: would I be happier now if I'd never sailed off the edge of the world?

3: There wasn't enough L'Oreal on the planet to cover her white trash roots.
Chris Redding

4: Clinton Folk stood in the doorway of the Theatre of Curious Acts and looked out at the end of the world.

 5: Max woke up inside his kennel, unplugged his tail from the wall, and ran an automatic systems check.

6: You know how some women can get any man into trouble just by walking into a bar?

 7: Some say the dead don't care, but they do.

8: A dead girl invited Matthias to dinner.

9: George Lasenius shipped me to Mars in a lead crate.

10: Even hiding under my bed, armed and silent in the darkness, Cupid got me; I never even saw him coming.

Congratulations to the top three, I’ll be in touch with your interview questions soon, and a hat tip to all the other finalists, in particular [info]cloudscudding and [info]jakobdrud who both had two opening lines in the last ten.

Thanks again to everyone who took part and/or voted.

I hope you had fun. We'll do it again next year.

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