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Two reminders and a Woot!

First the reminders:

SAFE FYB week (share a favorite entry from your blog week) ends on Tuesday. If you have a favorite post from your journal post that you'd like to share, let me know the title and link and I'll add it to the ones already there.

The Meager Puddle of Light Award for Best Opening Line.
Voting is underway. If you'd like to pick your favorite from the ten finalists, please follow the link.

"And what about the 'Woot!'?" you ask.
Well, a few people have told me I should think about turning my series on The Fine Art of Self-Promotion into a presentation. I decided that might be fun, so I put out a couple of feelers. Yesterday, I got an email from those nice folks at the GLVWG (a PA-based writing group), asking if I'd like to come and speak to their group next November.

It's not a story or book sale, but it's definitely good for a 'Woot!' in my book


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