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Coming to you live from Argentina!

It's been ten months since I made my first post on Live Journal, and I'm still feeling my way around this blogging thing, with all it's strange terms and customs .

Take this latest example: Earlier this month, Gustavo Bondoni (aka bondo_ba ), my online friend from Argentina, invited me to be a guest on his blog today. Now we've emailed back and forth about this several times since, so there's no way it could be considered as a passing comment, but from the look on his face when he opened his front door this morning, you'd think he wasn't expecting me at all!

The fact that it was 4:30am and I look nothing like my icon (which has more hair than me) didn't help. Talk about embarrassing. Still, we laughed about it later - after he called off the dogs and apologized for the pepper-spray.

So now I'm on the bus, heading back to New Jersey, munching the toasted ham and reggianito sandwich which Gustavo kindly made me for the journey and typing in this entry to let you know that:

A: Gustavo has a lovely front door. He wears Winnie the Pooh pajamas, and owns at least seventeen vicious Chihuahuas.

B: Pepper spray really stings.

C: I have a guest post on
[info]bondo_ba ’s blog today, which you can find here, if you feel so inclined .

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