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Puddle for Best Opening Line: Qualifiers – Fourth (and final) Round

Welcome to the fourth (and final) qualifying round in the Meager Puddle of Light Award for Best Opening Line competition.

As with the first three rounds, you can vote for as many entries in each question as you like. When the dust settles, the ten entries with the most votes will go through to the final. In the event of a tie, those in joint tenth position will both (or all) go through.

Poll #1489765 Puddles: Best opening line Round four of four
This poll is closed.

From the following list, please select any opening lines which you think should progress to the final round:

Death is but a journey, the living can not take.
The perfect, dissonant note cut through the bustle and chatter of Five Camel Street.
The sneeze broke the silence of the forest like the clang from the pan when she'd hit Uncle Harold upside his head.
The thief pushed the box across the table toward me. "See, that’s the Treymelan crest."
"There I was, this is no shit, thought I was going to die."
There wasn't enough L'Oreal on the planet to cover her white trash roots.
They will drink my daughter’s blood.
Thirst rode him like the skeleton of death, its boney knees digging deep into his soul.
Through a small gap in the grimy motel curtains, Lucky watched as Conrad Andersen pulled a hooker over his lap and playfully spanked her ass.

From the following list, please select any opening lines which you think should progress to the final round:

"Turn it loose."
We thought we were going to Venus.
When Captain Rhys "Rest in Peace" Rykus walked back into her life, Ash smiled because she knew it would piss him off.
When Albin's nursemaid woke him in the dead of night, he knew something even worse than the death of his father had happened.
When Daniel Borgfeldt told Marie Pickens, he wanted to see her dance he didn’t mean from the end of a rope.
When the king’s guards hanged my master I thought I would starve. "I'm fifteen years old," I muttered to my master's corpse.
Without meaning to, Camilla Torres had picked a good place to die.
You know how some women can get any man into trouble just by walking into a bar?

PLEASE NOTE Apologies, but due to a dumb mistake on my part, I missed out one of the entries from an earlier round. Since I've learned from bitter experience that you can't tweak a poll once you've posted it, I've closed poll #1489737 (posted earlier today), and set up a new one to include the missing entry. Don't worry if you already voted in the original fourth round poll, I've made a note of your selections, but if you'd like to add the 'Death is but a journey...' line, please check the box on the revised poll.

If you haven't already voted in the other rounds, you can find them here: Round one; Round two; Round three

The qualifier polls all close on Sunday November 29th (11:59 US/Eastern)

Have fun.

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