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Puddle for Best Opening Line: Qualifiers - Round three of four

I'm back from PhilCon (which was excellent by the way), so this third qualifying round in the Meager Puddle of Light Award for Best Opening Line comes to you from my kitchen table.

As with the first two rounds, you can vote for as many entries in each question as you like. When the dust settles, the ten with the most votes will go through to the final. In the event of a tie, those in joint tenth position will both (or all) go through.

Puddles Best opening line Round 3 of 4
Poll #1489245 Puddles Best opening line Round 3 of 4
This poll is closed.

From the following list, please select any opening lines which you think should progress to the final round:

Mig Shepherd’s friends came to kill her early in the morning on a wet Vennerday.
Momma hates me. Says I made Poppa dead. Hates me.
“Okay, Lang, strip!” The guard’s bark made Carrie’s stomach roil. She cowered in the corner of the women’s processing area and shivered beneath the ceiling vent.
Of the three planets that could summon me, the humans on the third planet were the rudest.
On my one-to-ten scale of rude awakenings, a leprechaun standing on my bedside table and urinating loudly into my ear is a definite Nine.
On the morning he was kidnapped, Ran-Del Jehanbahn stepped out of his great-grandfather’s house and stretched to his full height.
“Ovbi omwan se omwan i ru omwan ihen” It is not a curse for a person’s child to be greater than the person -Edo proverb
Perhaps it was inevitable that our robotic proxies would start sending us spam.

From the following list, please select any opening lines which you think should progress to the final round:

Queen Serrilla knew her husband’s death wasn’t natural; one look in her eldest son’s power-hungry eyes proved his guilt.
"She danced upon a billowing wire while balancing a knife on her chin.”
Some say the dead don't care, but they do.
The bioluminescent flesh-eaters sensed him the moment he fell into their habitat.
The boy nodded sharply at the girl holding the holocam and began to speak a second after she started to record.
The first person Jacob had a real conversation with after his arrival in Berlin was a psychiatrist.
The hills above Paradise were burning the day the man with no heart came to town.
The hot lead burned a hole between my love handles.
The oversized pug dominates the red armchair as if it's a throne.

If you haven't already voted in other rounds, you can find them here:
Round one; Round two; Round four

The qualifier polls all close on Sunday November 29th (11:59 US/Eastern)

Have fun.

In case you were wondering...
I apologize to anyone who was expecting to see the next entry in my series on
The Fine Art of Self-Promotion, which I originally planned for today. I didn't want to clutter up people's friends pages, so I rescheduled it for Wednesday. I hope you'll come back and read it then.
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