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Eek! A repost of Puddle qualifiers - round one of four

I tried to change the poll in yesterday's first round of the Puddle for best opening line and it all went horribly wrong - the worst bit was when I accidentally deleted it.

Here's a repost, updated to use the check box system. Don't worry if you already voted in the original ( Poll #1488339) I made a note of everyone's choices.

For those who hadn't voted, here's the easier to use version of the first round:

Poll #1488825 Puddles Best opening line Round 1 of 4
This poll is closed.

From the following list, please select any opening lines which you think should progress to the final round.

A dead girl invited Matthias to dinner.
A rumble of thunder, and the vision came.
A scarab scuttled by on the wall of Habitat A, a purple streak of alien menace.
Arienne hated the way magic made her skin glow, isolating her from everyone else across the Light-
At least the rabbit had the good sense to make an exit before the arrival.
"Baby... baby, stop. They'll see us," I breathed.
“Can anyone hear me?” Odessa Clay screamed. Nothing in the desert stirred except the hot wind that whipped her long hair into tangles.
Clinton Folk stood in the doorway of the Theatre of Curious Acts and looked out at the end of the world.
Cornwall shook off the soft spring day like a cat vibrating a wet paw.

From the following list, please select any opening lines which you think should progress to the final round.

“Damn these monkeys!” shouted Hidalgo Vile. “Why must I be surrounded by incompetents?”
Death stalked him in alien guises, borne by the economy of Quardeen Station.
Earthrise stretched shadows over the dusty pock-marked ground, lending a faint touch of indigo to the airless surface.
Even hiding under my bed, armed and silent in the darkness, Cupid got me; I never even saw him coming.
Every morning I ask myself the same question: would I be happier now if I'd never sailed off the edge of the world?
Fenner whined for mercy as he dug his own grave, but Saul’s heart remained hard.
Fifty people from four counties over had gathered to see it: Ned Spunkman's Doom Bunny.
George Lasenius shipped me to Mars in a lead crate.

If you haven't already voted in other rounds, you can find them here: Round two; Round three; Round four

The qualifier polls all close on Sunday November 29th (11:59 US/Eastern)

Apologies for the slip-up. Thanks for taking part.
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