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Puddle Award for Best Opening Line: Round two of four

Cry ‘Havoc’ and let slip the puddles of… er…

Right. Maybe that’s not the Shakespeare quote to adopt after all. Nevertheless, it’s time for round two in the search for finalists in the Meager Puddle of Light Award for best opening line.

I originally intended to put everyone’s opening lines in a poll (like I did with the blogging questions last week), but LJ’s poll setup has a maximum character count and I could only fit ten 25-word entries in any one poll question. Today, however, I’ve had a cunning plan. I’ll use TWO poll questions, which should solve the problem.

Puddles Best opening line Round 2 of 4

You can vote for as many entries (in each question) as you like in each round. When the dust settles, the ten with the most votes will go through to the final (in the event of a tie, those in joint tenth position will both (or all) go through).

Poll #1488808 Puddles Best opening line Round 2 of 4
This poll is closed.

From the following list, please select any opening lines which you think should progress to the final round.

“Grandpa, who’s your friend?” Victor Barrow wasn’t surprised by the sound of his granddaughter’s voice; he’d sensed her approach, even before she came around the corner of his cabin.
High atop the Church of the Immaculate Conception, in contrast to the subdued hues of the building’s unpainted mortar and stone, a scarlet macaw perched upon a wooden cross.
His name, Kiril, meant "true or loyal servant". His clan was the sheltering tree.
"Hey, people, turn this way, I’ll show you something you don’t see every day."
I woke up this morning with a head full of doggerel.
I wonder sometimes, if I could have lived a perfectly normal life if I hadn't burned the roast.
I met him once again, unexpectedly, the one that had tauntingly spit in my face promising me that I would never forget him.
I sit, nestled among the treasures he’s collected, bored out of my mind.
"If that plane won't fly, amigo, you'd better be able to walk on water."

From the following list, please select any opening lines which you think should progress to the final round.

I'm a gimp. I don't get out much.
If the cracked eggshell in the centre of Fog Street was an indication of the size of the monster then it was tiny.
I've never had to ask a second time.
It only took them three days to die.
Joseln dreamed of oblivion as she sped along the base of the earthworks, boots thudding on the packed dirt, heart pounding even louder than the cannon and musket fire behind her.
"Less than a woman, more than a ghost, Ahura waits in the depths of the tomb by her husband’s corpse."
Like Adam and Eve, we were man and woman; if we knew God was looking, we would have hidden.
Max woke up inside his kennel, unplugged his tail from the wall, and ran an automatic systems check.

If you haven't already voted in the other rounds, you can find them here: Round one; Round three; Round four

The qualifier polls all close on Sunday November 29th (11:59 US/Eastern)

Have fun.
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