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My Fall TV faves: Interim assessment

Back in September, I posted about six Fall TV shows I was looking forward to. Here's my interim assessment of them so far.

Aside from a certain incident which {ahem} I may have brought to your attention already, ABC's Castle (with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic) continues to entertain in it's second season. The highlight for me so far was the Firefly moment a couple of episodes back. As I said in September, I'd say Nathan Fillion's at least as well cast in the role of playboy/novelist, Richard Castle, as he was when he played Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

Over on the FOX channel the quirky, creepy, and often icky, Fringe keeps me coming back for more. I still don't to have a clue what's going on, but John Noble's portrayal of Walter Bishop makes this a must-watch show. I'm even warming to the Agent Dunham character.

Also on Fox, Lie to me, with the always excellent Tim Roth, gets better with every episode.

The only new show of the Fall season that caught my eye was SyFy's Stargate: Universe As a fan of both the SG:1 and Atlantis Stargate series, I really wanted to enjoy this, but I'm sad to say that, so far, watching this has been more of a dutiful chore than a pleasure - though I see a glimmer of hope in characters like Eli.

SyFy's other show on my DVR list is Sanctuary. So far, its second season is good, but not great - though I'm still watching. .

For me, the current jewel in TV's crown has to be the Big Bang Theory on CBS.

Now in it's third season, this is the only show where we keep the episodes on DVR after watching.

How about you?

What shows have you been watching this fall?


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