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Vene Vidi Puddli

So far, there’ve been lots of great entries for the Meager Puddle of Light Award for Best Opening Line. If you haven’t sent in your own yet, or you’d like to send another (maximum three per person please), there’s still time to take part. 


To enter, just follow these simple guidelines.


I’ll be cut & pasting everyone’s opening lines directly from the comments/messages you sent, so if you want to check your spelling, or change them in any way, please do it before the competition closes for entries tomorrow night (11:59pm US/Eastern).


First round voting will start on Saturday, November 21st 


On a related note, I think the Meager Puddle of Light Awards need a motto. 

I toyed with Puddilurus te salutat (we who are about to Puddle, salute you), but in the end I settled on Vene Vidi Puddli (I came, I saw, I Puddled). What do you think?


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