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Another change of plan

Just popped in to say thank you so much for all the kind comments yesterday - I'll reply to them all as soon as I can.

Rachel seems to be feeling better.  She spent most of last night wide awake in a loud and happy mood.  I ended up getting about three hours sleep (hence my lack of online time today), though I'd rather be kept awake because she's overly happy than have her be ill, so I 'm not complaining.

Of course, this morning she was exhausted (me too), so I kept her at home today.  Any ideas I had about going online were pretty much scuppered when her twin sister, Emma, who's also autistic, threw up at school and I had to fetch her home (Rachel had to come along for the ride). 

All in all, an interesting day.

Ah well,  I guess it helps me appreciate the good ones.

I'll try to catch up with everyone tomorrow, but if you don't see me around, it means I went back to bed. 

In the meantime, I need to give someone a bath.

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