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How do you like your online stories?

As part of my research for the series on The Fine Art of Self-promotion, I've been looking at the different methods people use to showcase their work online. 

My own preference is to do it through an e-publisher, like Flash Me magazine; Every Day Fiction; Weird Tales etc. which I can then link to from elsewhere.  Some places even do pod-casts, which I've enjoyed.  But there are other ways.  A sample story on a personal website, a sample chapter or excerpt from a current WIP on a blog community, or personal journal. 

From a reader's point of view, if it's online I prefer flash fiction (less than 1,000 words).  For longer stories, if I have the choice, I'd rather listen to it as a pod-cast, or hold the pages in my hand.  I've only ever read one sample chapter online.  Though I did enjoy it, I think it would have made more of an impact on me, had it been an audio version.

How about you?

Pod-cast? Micro? Flash? How do you like your online stories?

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