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An update on Casey: The fix is in

As you may recall, last month I encouraged people to vote for Casey, a cancer sufferer who'd entered a Victoria's Secret contest.  Many of you not only voted for her, but posted on your journals, encouraging your own friends to join in. 

In the last weeks of the contest, voting went suspiciously off, when Casey went from being a long way in front to being frozen in second place, a long way behind the leader (both 1st and 2nd places also had ridiculously inflated vote counts).

That was sorted out and Casey clearly won the contest with well over 26,000 votes (second place had less than half that number, and third only about 4,500).  However, the people at Victoria's Secret decided to declare the votes invalid and changed the rules so that their own judges could pick two girls from the fifty contestants.

You'll be as shocked and disgusted as I am to discover that Casey, the popular choice by a landslide, was not selected, though they have apparently offered her a 'condolence' prize of a $500 gift card, on the basis that the people who voted for her seemed to be genuine.

I wonder how much revenue the company will lose from decent people deciding to boycott V.S. after this.  I suspect (and hope) the sum will be far greater than any gains they hoped to make when they started the contest.

Like most of the people who voted for her, I don't know Casey, but I wish her all the best.


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