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Interesting blog posts about writing – June 14th 2019

Wisdom On the Web

Here’s my latest selection of interesting (and sometimes amusing) posts about writing:

What’s Your Author Persona? How to Be Yourself Online—Only Better (Anne R. Allen)

When a Writer Becomes a Target (Rachelle Gardner)

5 Ways Writers (Try to) Fake Their Way to Good Storytelling (K.M.Weiland)

Setting Goals to Finish Writing Your Book (Brian Tracy)

What You Can Learn Listening to Audio Books (Polly Iyer)

Tune out your self-doubt—Fiction Therapy (Jim Dempsey)

Saggy Middle? Use Conflict to Nip and Tuck It (Sacha Black)

The Two Basic Rules of Editing (and the Rookie Mistake) (Allegra Huston)

Are You Making Writing Harder Than it Needs to Be? (Barbara O'Neal)

Naming Your Novel: How to Choose a Fiction Title That Fits (Author unknown)
by way of Laurie Wallmark

Beginning Close to the Action (Elizabeth S. Craig)

Lessons From a Revision (Julia Munroe Martin)

If you found these useful, you may also like my personal selection of the most interesting blog posts from 2018, and my previous list.

If you have a particular favorite among these, please let the author know (and me too, if you have time).  Also, if you've a link to a great post that isn't here, feel free to share.
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