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Does anyone want to evaluate a free copy WriteItNow 4?

I got an email from the good folks at Ravenshead Services, asking if one of my friends at the Monmouth Creative Writing Group  would like a free copy of WriteItNow 4 , the latest version of their creative writing software. 

After a quick exchange of emails, they kindly agreed to extend their invitation to one person who reads my blog.

If someone wants to take them up on their offer, all they need do in return, is produce a review of it to be posted here on my blog (and his/her own too if desired).

I've never seen or used WriteItNow, so I can't speak for the product either way, but if you've ever considered using creative writing software, this offer of a free copy (worth $60) in return for an honest review may be worth taking up.

If you're interested, let me know, and I'll pass your email address to them, so they can send you the unlock codes.  There's also a demo version available free to anyone who's interested.




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