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Interesting blog posts about writing – February 9th 2018

Wisdom On the Web

Here’s my latest selection of interesting (and sometimes amusing) posts about writing:

Three Things You Have In Common With All Writers (Art Holcomb)

Getting Dialogue Right: How to Use Dialogue Tags and Action Beats (Ali Luke)

Avoid Common Writing Mistakes (Natalie Hanemann)

The Transition From Hobbyist To Aspiring To Professional (Natalie Whipple)

Structure Matters: Building Great Stories to Endure the Ages (Kristen Lamb)

Writing Tips 41 Experts Wish They’d Known as Beginners (Jerry Jenkins) [Jon’s pick of the Pack]

Steps for Approaching an Agent (Rachelle Gardner)

Why the Beginning of Your Novel Is Important (Polly Iyer)

If you found these useful, you may also like my personal selection of the most interesting blog posts from 2017, and my previous list.

If you have a particular favorite among these, please let the author know (and me too, if you have time).  Also, if you've a link to a great post that isn't here, feel free to share.
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