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Location, Location, Location - Where do you prefer to write?

Sit me down just about anywhere with a good book, and I can settle down to read it.  Writing, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter.

When it comes to putting my metaphorical pen to paper, I find it hard to come up with anything creative unless I'm sitting at the island/work-surface thingy  in my kitchen.  If push comes to shove, I can work at my official desk space, down in the basement, but the results are never quite as good.

As for revisions, rewrites etc., if I'm not in the car in my favorite parking spot at the local McDonalds, sipping a large coffee (with three creams and no sugar), it just doesn't seem right .

I can't explain what or why, I just know there's something about these places in particular which get my creative juices flowing.  My best guess?  Our muse knows our favorite writing locations.  If she sees us there, she'll come visit, but she won't go looking for us anyplace else. 

Am I crazy?  Perhaps, but if so, I'm not the only one.  One of my GSHW friends says he does his best writing at the local cemetery - and he doesn't even write horror.

How about you?

Where's your creative hotspot?

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