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Interesting blog posts about writing – w/e October 16th, 2015

Here’s my selection of interesting (and sometimes amusing) posts about writing from the last weekabout writing from the last week:

Feeling Like an Old Geezer at the New Social Media Party (Jane Friedman)

How to Use Periscope to Build Your Writing Brand (Williesha Morris)

Five Things I Learned Writing Take On Me (Minerva Zimmerman)

Beware of Bloodsuckers (Amy K. Nichols)

Sometimes You Have to Stop and Smell the Research (Linda Castillo)

Cultivating a Writer’s Eye (Michelle Ule)

How to Market Yourself as an Author Before You Have a Book to Sell (Chuck Sambuchino)

Oops! Your Exposition is Showing (Jessi Rita Hoffman)

Magnanimous (Donald Maass) [Jon’s Pick of the Week]

When Should You Stop Revising? (Janice Hardy)

Is Your Manuscript a Monster? (Elspeth Futcher)

Start Here: How to Get Your Book Published (Jane Friedman) [Jon’s other Pick of the Week]

How to Create Unforgettable Characters (Jerry Jenkins)

3 Reasons to Write What Scares You (Shonell Bacon)

The Introvert’s Guide to Conferences (Rachelle Gardner)

If you found these useful, you may also like my personal selection of the most interesting blog posts from 2014, and last week’s list.

If you have a particular favorite among these, please let the author know (and me too, if you have time).  Also, if you've a link to a great post that isn't here, feel free to share.
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