Jon Gibbs (jongibbs) wrote,
Jon Gibbs

It's Pumpkin Time!


When someone you live with has autism, you learn to pick your battles.

This week, Senior Management and I took our daughters to the Boardwalk in Point Pleasant. They have a lovely aquarium there. We had a great time. Unfortunately, one of the amusement arcades was changing its store front in preparation for the Halloween season as we passed.

Long story short, as soon as we got to home, our youngest (by two minutes) insisted we get out the pumpkin cookie jar, the themed tea towels, tea cups/straws/beakers/plates and anything else with a Fall/Halloween motif, along with the relevant decorations.

On the bright side, we live in the US now, where Halloween and Thanksgiving are big events on the social calendar, so we probably won't have to get out the Christmas decorations for a couple of months yet - back in the UK, Santa makes his first appearance in store windows as early as September.
Tags: autism, halloween

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