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Today is not just Labor Day, it's also the start of PALTY SOW Week.

As I'm sure you know, it's Labor Day here in the US, but did you also know that here on my blog, today is the start of  PALTY SOW Week?

"What the heck is that?"  I hear you ask. 

Well, I'll tell you.  PALTY SOW Week- or Post A Link To Your Story Or Website Week, as it's sometimes known -  is a way to share my LJ friends and their work with some of my other LJ friends, who might not know them yet.

Here's how it works:  If you'd like to tell people where they can find some of your writing online, or you want people to know where they can find out something else about you on the web, like (say) your website, just add the relevant link(s) in the comments and I'll cut and paste them here throughout the next week.

You can add as many story links as you like, just make sure you tell me the title and the exact web address.  Some of you have pet projects which you might like to share.  So long as it's loosely related to writing, feel free to pimp that too.

bondo_bahas a website, with links to all manner of cool stories, as well as a couple of podcasts.

peachette48has an online story serial.  She also posted about her chemotherapy experience (starting here).

kmarkhoover has a website Lots of stuff there, including a sample story, all kinds of Haxan stuff, articles,and more fun than you can shake a monkey at.

some links to his stories :"Fuel," at Cosmos magazine,, as well as several stories up at IGMS - though these are behind a paywall: The Frankenstein Diaries (pts I & II) &, and "The Multiplicity Has Arrived:"

cloudscuddinghas an excellent website with SF/F market listings and general writing links, as well as a winter holiday competition page

smeddleyhas an online 'choose your own adventure' novel, Path of Undeath, for you to try on for size.

debikmhas the an excellent journal, The Pen Whore, over at Wordpress

clarionjhas a story, His Wounds, online at Not One of us.

wirewalkinghas a website with links to her stories and poems 

babarnetthas a website too, also with links

As well as his websitemarshallpayne1also has a series of online interviews with writers and editors.

You can find This Is How We Remember, a story by stillnotbored, over at Lone Star Stories.  You can find some of her poetry and other stuff on her website.

[info]dragon_crier has a seperate blog, filled with tales of her travel adventures.

bosleygravel's Hall of Vain website has links to all his fiction

brniHas some sample stories at his website, the interestingly named  It sounds Japanese, but since the only word I know in that language is asakapoopoo - meaning 'soiled daiper'  - you'll have to ask Bernie if you want a translation.

mylefteye has a writing website, with links and so forth.

Thanks in advance for sharing, and Happy PALTY SOW Week! to one and all  

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