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WANTED: Title for presentation about the power of stories

INSERT title

This morning, I've been putting the final touches to a new talk, which I'll be giving at the Ocean County College tomorrow.

The whole thing started off as a variation of the 'I are a writer!' presentation I give at school assemblies. Since this talk is primarily for adults (most of whom aren't writers), as opposed to school kids (most of whom aren't writers), I made lots of alterations. In fact, I changed so many things it's become a different presentation completely.

I still have a section on what it's like being a writer in the 21st century, but a good 80% of it is new. I talk about stories in general: how they affect us at a primal level, how they influence our opinions, shape our ambitions and (sometimes) even impact the world. Not that it's particularly serious. I find my talks go down better when I make them lighthearted in tone.

The trouble is, I'm having a spot of bother thinking up a title for the darned thing. The best I can come up with so far is, The Power of Stories, but none of my ideas have me galloping down the street shouting 'Eureka!' - which is probably just as well 'cause it's blooming cold outside today.

How about you?

Care to suggest a title for a talk on the power of stories?
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