Jon Gibbs (jongibbs) wrote,
Jon Gibbs

A snippet from The Cat, Bianca

I'm having a hoot and a half working on the third Snowy book. Here's a little snippet from today's writing session:

    Gladstone pressed a button on the remote control. A bright red dot appeared on the carpet. Moving slowly, it zig-zagged across the floor. Snowy watched, transfixed, his head turning to follow each change of direction. The dot picked up speed as it drew closer.

    Just a light, you can’t touch it. Just a light, you can’t touch it.
    The dot came within reach of his front paws, but drew no closer. It flitted to the left and right, taunting him. Snowy dug his claws into the carpet. It took every ounce of self-control to stop himself from pouncing. He barely heard the click, click, click, which heralded the opening of the door.
    Through gritted teeth, he said, “Tell him, ‘Nice try,’ Bill, but he must think I’m an idiot. Does he expect me to catch it?”
    When Bill passed on the message, a malicious grin spread across Gladstone’s face. “Oh no, Number Two, I expect you to try.”

How about you?

Care to share a snippet from your WiP?
Tags: fun, the cat bianca, writing

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