Jon Gibbs (jongibbs) wrote,
Jon Gibbs

What movies are on your imminent playlist?

From last night until Wednesday, Senior Management's staying in the Big Apple, or La Grande Pomme de Terre, as her ancestors would say (she can trace her lineage back to a Norman lord, granted lands in England by William the Conqueror, in return for his help invading good old Blighty back in 1066).

I already miss her, but I'm a glass is half full kind of chap, so I choose to focus on the fun my son and I will have, watching some of the movies which never make the playlist on family film night.

Shaun of the Dead
zshaun of the dead
Way too much swearing for my taste, but it's so delightfully silly, I close my ears to the rude words and enjoy the heck out of this one anyway.

The Mystery Men
zmystery men

Great story, wonderful characters, and a touching overall message. This movie should appear on every Top 10 Superhero movie list ever.

The Austin Powers trilogy
zaustin powers

Clearly the inspiration for every spy movie ever made (or at least, it should have been).

How about you?

What movies are on your imminent playlist?
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