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Skeletons in the Photo Album

We all have them. Photographs that should have been incinerated long ago, but somehow survived through the years, much to the amusement of our children and younger relatives.


Other pictures aren’t so scary, but when we see them, we can’t help but find ourselves transported back in time.


I’ve picked three from my collection.


This one from when I was living in the village of Ryton, near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I guess I was about six or seven at the time.   Had I known what would later happen to my hair.  I'd have combed it more often.


Fast forward to the mid-eighties and here I am with the other two members of The Forgotten Hearts (I’m on the far right). It was a promo photo, taken just after we'd spent a week in a recording studio to make a demo tape (an ancient recording device).  I later put the six recordings on cd, Crimes of Fashion, and used the photo for the cover.  


This last pic is from 2000, when I auditioned for the lead role in Spiderman. As the movie-buffs among you already know, the part went to some American actor instead.  Okay, that's not true. I superimposed my head on a photo of a stunt-double (aka my son) when I made a screensaver for my mom with loads of pictures of the children, and stuck this one in the middle of them all to give her a laugh.

How about you?  What photographic skeletons are in your closet?



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