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Last chance to get Fur-Face on Kindle for $2.99

Effective immediately, my publisher, Echelon Press, is raising the price of all its eBooks from $2.99 to $4.99. This includes my novel, Fur-Face, and the upcoming sequel, Barnum's Revenge, which is currently scheduled to hit the digital shelves some time next month.   

When I checked a few minutes ago, the new price is already set on all sites but Amazon, which I gather always takes a little longer to update.

If you have a twisted sense of humor, or you know a tween reader with one, and you'd like to get the Kindle version of Fur-Face before the price goes up, click on the pic below.

Fur-Face kindle

An evil scientist with a dastardly invention,
a sadisitic billionaire with a diabolical plan.
What stands in their way?

Two teenagers and one amazing cat.

The bad guys don't stand a chance! 

    'My [10-year-old] little girl loved it.' M. Stone (UK)

    'A fun read, no matter how old you are.' Karen W. Newton (MD, USA) 

    'I am thrilled to add my name to the list of adults that have
     enjoyed this book.'
K. M. Butler (USA)

    'I want my money back!' Jon's old gran.

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