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What was your last 'Savor the moment' moment?

I had a great 'Savor the moment' moment yesterday.

My son came home early from college, which was good in itself, but since we no longer had to collect him after school, we decided to surprise my daughters when they got home.

We set up our usual Skype video chat with him from the kitchen (he was upstairs in his bedroom). My girls are fascinated at the idea of 'talking' on the computer. They also love looking at themselves in the bottom corner of the screen. While they talked - well, he talked, they waved at themselves - he brought his laptop downstairs and stood behind them.

The look of surprise and delight on my eldest daughter's face when she saw her big brother was home warmed even my cynical old heart.

Definitely a moment to remember.

How about you?

What was your last 'Savor the moment' moment?
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