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Wanna sell your books at COSI restaurants in Secaucus and Hackensack?

Wearing my New Jersey Authors' Network (NJAN) hat, I met with the franchise owner and restaurant managers of the COSI restaurants in Secaucus, NJ, and Hackensack, NJ, on Sunday.

We're setting up regular monthly(ish), book-signing events, which will be held on Sundays at both locations.

The folks at COSI seem keen to work with us. I think these events could prove beneficial to everyone concerned. If they go well, I believe we can expand the program to other restaurants (and perhaps even other franchises).

COSI logo  COSI secaucus

Would you like to sell your books?
If you have a book to sell, and would like to be involved in one or both programs, I'll be posting about it in more detail on in the next day or so. If you can't wait, I've already posted more details on the NJAN Yahoo group. You do need to be a member of NJAN to take part, but it's a free to join, free to use organization. To become a member, you need only join our Yahoo group.

NJAN BANNER compressed

I believe this is a great opportunity. I hope you can take advantage of it.

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know, either by direct email ( or in a comment below.

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