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Self-editing, Jack Thunder and the Me Fat... er Wii Fit board

Found an interesting blog post about self-editing (the writing kind, not the punching your own face kind, though frankly, both can hurt :( (thanks [info]aravah for posting the original link.

Finished the first run-through of Waking up Jack Thunder on Friday.  Though I made a lot of margin-notes, I'm pleased with the way it's shaping up.  I need to make some big changes to the first and last chapters, but overall it's in good shape.  I want to finish the updates by mid-February, then it's tax return time, followed by a second run-through.   I hope to have it ready to pitch by the time I go to the LVWG's Write Stuff conference at the end of March.

On the fitness front, the Wii Fit board hasn't been quite so insulting lately, but I need to pick up the pace if I hope to reach my fighting weight in time for the multi-author signing I'm 'hosting' in March. 

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