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How do you get back in the groove after a break?

I've had a relaxing summer, especially these last few weeks. I have such big plans for what I want to achieve in terms of writing and editing between May and August, but never seem to get anywhere near accomplishing them.

As of tomorrow, everyone at home is either back to work, college or school, which means I need to get myself back into a routine. I actually started yesterday. When I found myself unable to sleep at 1:30am, I got up and sent all manner of admin-type emails for upcoming NJAN (New Jersey Authors' Network)events. I followed them up a short while later with a couple of apologetic emails, correcting the dopey mistakes which come from writing admin-type emails in the wee small hours of the morning.    

Writing wise, I'm still waiting for official news from Echelon Press about Barnum's Revenge (the sequel to Fur-Face). I gather it's looking good, but due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, things haven't happened as fast as I'd hoped. 

The decision to start over and write Abraham Lincoln Stole my Homework in first person set me back a bit. I'm only a little over halfway through the first draft. Still, I'm loving what's there so far.

If past years are any indication, I'll need to work hard this next week, settling myself back into a good routine. It'll certainly be good to get back to my 'writing desk' at McDonalds again :)

How about you?

How do you get back in the groove after a break?

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