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How was your weekend?

I had an unexpected treat last weekend, when I got a last minute opportunity to do a 'Meet the author' event at Bogart's Book Store (210 North High Street Millville, NJ 08332).

I spent Saturday afternoon hanging out with fellow writer, Bobbi Shapiro (aka Antoinette De Poi), who I first met at an NJAN event in Vineland Library last month. Bobbi's husband, Colin, and her publicist/manager, Aaron, were also there, along with a bunch of other friendly folks. We chatted, signed a few books and generally had a grand old time.

Bogart's owner, the lovely Amy Lombardo, was kind of enough to keep some copies of Fur-Face, to sell through the store. She and her staff make everyone feel welcome. I definitely plan to take part in future events there.

I spent most of Sunday catching up on unexciting, but necessary things, though I managed to watch last night's episode of Leverage.

How about you?

How was your weekend?

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