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A competition, an anthology and a question about plot holes

The Competition Bit

Every Day Fiction has a micro-flash competition (max 250 words, must use at least 4 of the ten prompts). Entries have to be in by Sunday August 16th.


The Anthology Bit

If you write Hint Fiction (a ‘story’ of 25 words or less), and have a mind to see your work appear in an anthology, follow this link for more details. Closing date for submissions is August 31st.

The Question About Plot Holes Bit

Last week, while reading through the latest draft of Waking up Jack Thunder I fell into a plot hole.


I know what you’re thinking: “How can someone who outlines everything from a 100-word drabble to his weekly shopping list not have spotted this before?”


Well, truth be told, I’ve known it was there since I changed the outline during the first draft, trusting my sub-conscious to come up with a plausible way to fill it in later – or at the very least, provide me with a ladder. That’s always worked for me in the past, but I’m getting to the stage of revision/rewriting, where I may have to sort it out another way.


I’d love to know what you guys do after you find yourself lying face-down at the bottom of a plot hole. So here’s my question: When you find yourself with a hole in your story, do you sit and stare at the ms until a solution presents itself, or do you trust your writerly sub-conscious to figure it out for you?


How do you resolve your plot problems?

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