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What music gets you in a writing mood?

I do most of my new writing at the local McDonalds. Too many distractions, and the constant temptation to check emails and facebook make it hard to focus on coming up with a first draft at home.

Usually, I spend the ten minute journey working through what I want to get written on that particular session, but every now and then, I just play loud and lairy music to get me in a writing mood. Lately, I've been listening to the Sex Pistols at volume eleven, two of there songs in particular, Anarchy in the UK and Holidays in the Sun (you can watch the videos on their official website) have me raring to go by the time I pull up in the parking lot.

Most tracks on Thin Lizzy's, Johnny the Fox also do the trick, as does Raise that Body, by the Guttersnipes.

How about you?

What music gets you in a writing mood?
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