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I.P.A.F.P.F.Y.O.J.O.J.B. Day extended!

Thanks to everyone who's taken part in I.P.A.F.P.F.Y.O.J.O.J.B. Day so far.

Sadly, I got caught up on some non-writerly stuff today, so I haven't had much of a chance to keep things up to date (didn't get to post the first links until nearly 2pm).  I still haven't cleared the decks.

Therefore, I've decided to extend I.P.A.F.P.F.Y.O.J.O.J.B. Day to include tomorrow as well. 

If you want to pimp a favorite post from your journal, or peruse the ones of those who've already done so, check out my earlier  
I.P.A.F.P.F.Y.O.J.O.J.B. Day post  for details.

Thanks for your patience and (I hope) participation.
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