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Today [and Thursday] is I.P.A.F.P.F.Y.O.J.O.J.B. Day!

I’ve made lots of friends on LJ, many of whom don’t know each other yet. I’d like to change that.


With that in mind, I’m delighted to announce that today [and tomorrow, Thursday] are :
International Pimp a Favorite Post From Your Own Journal on Jon’s Blog Day’.



In case you missed the meme… er memo, here’s how it works.


Just like in writing, we have blog days when everything falls into place. You end up posting something you’re super-proud of, and life feels good. Trouble is, after a week or so, it’s all but forgotten. After all, how often do visitors browse through more than a handful of entries on other people’s journals?


International Pimp a Favorite Post From Your Own Journal on Jon’s Blog Day – or I.P.A.F.P.F.Y.O.J.O.J.B. Day, to use the catchy acronym for it – is a chance to shine the limelight on that great post again. 


Post a link in the comments section to an entry in your own journal that you’re really pleased with, along with the entry title and/or a one-sentence description. 


It doesn’t have to be on LJ, so long as it’s a blog entry somewhere that you wrote. It can be deep and meaningful, a personal celebration, or just plain lol out loud funny. It can be about any subject you like, it can be as old as you like, so long as you’re proud to have posted it. If you're not sure what to choose, I recommend picking one that makes you feel smile when you read it again.


Throughout the day[s], I’ll cut and paste the links and descriptions here:




Ode to new fathers everywhere 


Strange Tales and Humongous Lies


In Defense of the American Geek

Chasing Harlan: Here There Be Dragons

DragonCon Day IV



Friday Five – My happy Childhood



 August at the Abbey: Chapter Five



  Writing for Clarity



 Take a Deep Breath



How I Love a Funeral!


Getting Inside Your Character’s Head


 My Writing Anniversary
Shock Totem Pimpage


The Index Card Outline Method of Major Revision 


 Riding a BC all the way to an SF


 Once you Freeze Your Food
It's not about you.  Honest


PowerPlaying and Rules 

Have fun browsing through your previous posts, I hope they bring back some great memories, but don’t forget to come back here to pimp your favorites. I’m looking forward to reading them.


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