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What are you reading at the moment?

I've listened to a couple of classic books during the last week or so.

Have Space Suit Will Travel, by Robert A. Heinlein, was the first science fiction novel I ever read (I think I was about ten or eleven at the time). I was surprised at how much of the characters and story I remembered, and how much I enjoyed revisiting this great yarn. 

Still in 'classic' mode, I next picked Robert Louis Stephenson's, Treasure Island, from the library's audio collection.

When I first read the book, some 40+ years ago, I understood very few of the nautical terms and expressions, but it didn't stop me enjoying what (at the time) I thought was one of the best stories I'd ever read.

I've seen various movie interpretations of it since (the best being Muppet Treasure Island), but I haven't revisited the actual book since my late teens. After listening to the unabridged audio version, I'm happy to say that it's still one of my favorite stories. Long John Silver has to be one of the most enjoyable bad guys in fiction.

How about you?

What book are you reading (or listening to) at the moment?
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