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Busy day

I'll finish going through the first draft of Waking up Jack Thunder today.  I know you're supposed to just read it like a regular novel (making one word notes in the margins where necessary), but by the time I got to page ten, I was crossing things out, rewording dialogue, crossing more things out, circling paragraphs that needed moving etc. 

I have a couple of things to sort out for the multi-author signing I've arranged at Monmouth County Library for March 14th, and I need to update the website (and my personal one too for that matter).

On a personal note, I need to take Senior Management's i-pod in for repair, which probably means they'll replace it.  This sounds good, but she got some music put on there when she last went back to England, and since you can't transfer music from i-pod to pc, she'll lose those albums.  I offered to record karaoke versions for her, but she didn't seem keen (can't say I blame her). 

Psych's on tonight (USA,10/9C).  Last week's episode was good, but not great.  On dvd, we've been watching 3rd Rock  From The Sun (mostly hilarious), Burn Notice (an entertaining blend of Magyver and The A-team), and for about the twentieth time Joss Whedon's Firefly  
 (because it's the best show ever made in the history of television, ever, ever, ever).  

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