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Well it's Christmas, again

Christmas made a repeat visit to our house last night, when we watched
A Christmas Carol (Doctor Who style).

Great as this special Christmas episode was (I'd put it up there with The Next Doctor in quality and fun), I enoyed the DVD's special features almost as much. Doctor Who at the Proms, featured music from the series, along with guest appearances by Dr Who cast members and villains, performed at the Royal Albert Hall in front of a delighted audience of parents and children - a night those kids will remember for the rest of their lives .

We ended up watching the first Matt Smith episode again. This new Doctor's episodes are like Firefly, in that I seem to find them even more enjoyable with each viewing.

Christmas returns tonight, when we'll watch last year's special, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe.


I'm really excited about Matt Smith's third season as the time travelling troubleshooter. It's a shame we have to wait awhile to see it. Still I can't get too upset at the delay. After all, Steven Moffat, who writes most of the episodes these days, does have an excuse. When he's not writing screenplays like last year's TinTin, he's busy writing Sherlock.  

Here's the trailer for the Doctor's next season. You get extra points if you  can spot Ben Browder (who played Stargate SG1's, Cameron Mitchell) and blink and you miss it appearances by two Harry Potter alumnis, Dominic Coleman (aka Arthur Weasley) and David Bradley (aka Argus Filch).

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